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Health From The Inside Out



Replenish. Recover. Restore.



Health From The Inside Out




Replenish. Recover. Restore.




Health From The Inside Out



I love Top Notch products because they have nothing artificial in them. I have enough to worry about without worrying about every ingredient, now i don't even need to think about it. I also love TN products because they deliver the results that they promise. Energy, Recovery, electrolytes, whatever they promise you can rest easy knowing you'll get it. Top Notch is a brand I can trust!

Tiffany Cox

Brand I Can Trust

I absolutely LOVE top notch nutrition products!! They taste amazing, and they make me feel like a million bucks! I used to have to drink at least 3 cups of coffee in the morning to feel energized and ready for the day, as well as an energy drink in the afternoon to keep up with the kids’ energy levels. I’ve been using Burn, collagen mixed in my morning bulletproof coffee, (so yummy) as well as Keto Magic when I need an afternoon boost. No jitters, no crash, just feeling GOOD! And everything they make is Keto friendly! It enhances this amazing diet so you get the most out of it! The collagen has definitely helped with gut issues that Keto might cause as well! I would recommend Top Notch products to everyone, Keto or not!

Lisa Toth

Highly Recommend All Top Notch Products !!

Top notch certainly lives up to its name. Keto Super Collagen with protein is everything I have been looking for! With its Tri-fat blend I get all my healthy fats in one serving. Amazing! It’s yummy vanilla flavor has no aftertaste or odor. Delicious! And this powder blends beautifully into hot or cold beverages. No clumps! I look forward to taking it each day. Top of the line ingredients with no fear of bad for your body ingredients. I am 100% satisfied! And will be ordering more!

Leah Schweppe

Top of the line ingredients

I absolutely love Keto Magic! The amount of energy & focus I get from it completely blows me away. Whether I use it as pre-workout or to replenish my electrolytes, it takes my keto lifestyle to the next level. Total game changer for sure! Thank you, Top Notch Nutrition!


Energy & Focus Blows Me Away!

Today I am drinking the Berry Lemonade and I love it! I think the pina colada is my favorite because of the pineapple & coconut taste.These drinks keep me going during the day. It helps me from wanting snacks & taste Amazing. I seriously could talk all day about it. I got my mom & niece drinking them now. Go Keto Magic!

Brenda Hamilton

I could talk about it all day...

I have been keto for well over a year or so & tried quite a few different shakes. . .I was really impressed with this one! It’s nice and creamy and has a good strong chocolate flavor to it. You will not be disappointed!

Nathan H.

You will not be disappointed!

Just purchased the chocolate super collagen protein and very happy with the product. Tastes great, dissolves easy (not chalky), & easy on digestion. I’m not on the ketogenic diet specifically, but love to supplement my diet with collagen protein for the awesome benefits. It is nice that it can be added to coffee or in baking to get the added protein without the chalky thickness that comes with most proteins. Overall highly recommended and I will be trying the vanilla next!

Maria Grimsrud

Best Collagen protein I’ve tried!

Hey guys! I stumbled across Keto Magic on Amazon when I was starting the Keto Lifestyle and decided to try it. I had looked at other exogenous ketones, but decided to try yours based on product ingredients. I ordered the Berry Lemonade and I love it! Since then I’ve ordered your Super Collagen (all 3 flavors!), and most recently Burn. I can’t choose a favorite product... I love them all. I am so grateful to have found Top Notch Nutrition. I watch your Facebook live videos faithfully every Tuesday, and it is evident that you guys are truly passionate about this lifestyle, and helping as many people as possible. I have been telling all of my friends and family about you guys and your products... you have a customer for life!

Kate Lulloff

Customer for Life !

I finally found the Best of the best keto product on the market!! Topnotch nutrition has some very high quality products I just can't resist. I have tried the berry lemonade, the tropical punch and I am very delighted at how delicious they taste, there is no nasty after taste. Oh, the collagen protein powder is to die for, it does not have the barny after taste like the one I order from another vendor. I am so thankful I found topnotch nutrition!


Best Keto Product on the Market

I have been using the vanilla collagen protein for a week now. I have always used a collagen protein in my morning coffee. This collagen is very tasty, with no chalky aftertaste! It makes my coffee a frothy treat every morning! Excited to try the chocolate next!

Angelica W.

No Chalky Aftertaste!

I absolutely love Burn!!! I feel amazing when I take it! I have so much energy and feel in total control when eating because I am not as hungry. It is such a great tool to help me start my keto journey along with my Collagen Protein Shakes and Keto Magic. All together these products gave me the motivation and confidence to rock this lifestyle change! I’m excited to see where this keto journey takes me. I feel like someone brand new since being on this journey that I started a little over 2 weeks ago! Thanks for such wonderful products and helpful information to help me stay on track !

Dominique Walker

I feel like someone brand new !

First off, the taste is by far the best I've tried so far! I know it'll be great for mixing with a few of my dessert recipes. Five stars all day for these guys! Keep up the good work!!


Great taste and easy to mix!!

I love the new chocolate super collagen powder! The taste is amazing and it is so easy to add to my coffee or smoothies in the morning! I know I am adding a TOP NOTCH product to my diet and the results speak for themselves!!

Desiarae Haas

Beauty must have!!!

I am not on a Keto diet, but purchased this collagen based on the ingredients. I got the unflavored and put it in my morning coffee. When I add in my regular creamer it gives it extra frothiness! I also add it into soups, stews, and other baked goods to get extra collagen! Great product!


Great Collagen!

I really love this collagen. I was happy there was no fishy after taste like some other marine collagens. In fact, the chocolate flavor tastes amazing. It mixes well, too. I'll definitely purchase, again.

Karen Harris

Love this product!!!!

Before I started Keto, I was lacking energy, overweight, unhealthy, in need of mood support, and dealing with general aches & discomforts... I was relying on coffee, energy drinks, you name it! After months of watching I Love Keto with Johnny and Bethany I was sold... I ordered my first product from Top Notch Nutrition, Keto Super Collagen Protein in Vanilla. This product is so tasty! It’s got avocado powder, pure coconut powder and grass fed butter powder. Super impressed! I am feeling so much better, inside & out...With healthy eating, diet and exercise I am getting my confidence back. My diabetes is in control and I’m off medication. I am starting to feel like the me that I have always been meant to be!


My Confidence is Back :)

This seriously tastes like hot chocolate. Use it in my coffee every morning & shakes after my workout. You would think it has sugar in it, but it literally has less then 1g! Will be ordering much more Super Collagen.

Mary G.

Taste Like Hot Cocoa!!!

This product has a great taste, mixes well, and many many ways to incorporate. I like it the best in my coffee, but I envision myself doing much more with it. One scoop and I feel satisfied for hours with more energy than normal.

Jessica Peterson Schmidt

Tastes Great In My Morning Coffee!

Talk about burning, I take burn thermogenic capsules before my workout and I have endless amounts of energy, great pumps, and most importantly insane sweat. Finally nice to take a thermogenic that you can actually feel working within 30-40 min of ingesting. Also very comforting knowing there are ALL NATURAL ingredients. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to burn fat or someone who has just hit a plateau in their workout regimen, this will help push you through that wall and help you reach your goals.

James G.

It Actually Works!!

Absolutely love my Keto Super Collagen Protein!! The Chocolate Flavor is delicious! Its Perfect with unsweetened cashew milk!! And being in my mid fifties I love added Collagen!

Ellie Lee

Absolutely Love It!

I absolutely love the Piña Colada Keto Magic drink. It curbs my hunger in the mid afternoon when I need that the most!

Misty W.

Curbs My Appetite!

I love the chocolate Keto Protein! I really like that it is so nice & light. Really great addition to my Keto lifestyle!


Really Light

My personal experience with Keto Magic went way beyond my expectations!! Keto Magic has drastically enhanced my Ketosis and weight loss experience. I had the Keto flu for weeks and suffered with nausea until I took my first drink of Keto Magic, my nausea quickly disappeared and has not returned. I would recommend to anyone that Topnotch Keto Magic is way above the rest in terms of quality and supplement effectiveness.

Carrie W.

Keto Magic Boosts Me Back Into Ketosis!

I use keto magic every day. I use it every morning to give myself the mental clarity I need and the boost to help crush my day. My keto collagen and burn help me get through the tough days. Top notch has given me the tools I need to succeed !

Cat Santiago

Top Notch has given me the tools I need to succeed !!

I started taking Burn on Monday. 1 in the morning around 11am with my breakfast/lunch and I've broke my 2 month stall. I was so incredibly happy this morning when I weighed myself. I can't believe it, 2 days and already the scale is moving! I Also used Keto Magic Berry Lemonade! This product is amazing! I only use it after I have a high carb day and it gets me out of the rut. Can't wait to try the pineapple! "

Maritsa Sparks

I've Broke My 2 Month Stall !!

The flavour is great and it's easy to drink with water.

Linda Wakeham

Flavour is great & Mixes Easy

I take keto magic before my workouts and it is amazing how much my workouts have increased. I have also used keto magic to bring me back into ketosis when I have had a weak moment and eaten a few too many carbs. This stuff is truly life changing. As for the collagen, it's super delicious. I use it in my coffee every morning and it has done wonders for my hair, nails and my skin. I don't know how I ever lived without it before. Thank you top notch nutrition for making these amazing products.

Kyle Schutz

This Stuff is Truly Life Changing !!

Burn has given me so much energy, without the crashes and gitters I used to get from some of the other non mentioned products. I absolutely love this stuff. I can’t wait to try some of the other products. Thanks Top Notch Nutrition !!

Dana Davidson

So much energy without the crashes

Top Notch Nutrition is a brand I trust and BURN is an amazing addition to my daily supplements. After 3 months on Keto, I hit a weight loss wall. After taking BURN in the morning with breakfast, I lost 4 pounds in the first week and the weight loss continues - and with no side effects!

Lisa Chaboud

Lost 4 lbs. in the first week !!

Started Keto at 232 lbs & Hit a plateau at 214 lbs. Top Notch Burn got me over that plateau and I’ve lost 5 lbs in a week only taking one pill a day. Awesome product that will give awesome results. Thank you Top Notch for an awesome product!

Bert Vining

I've Lost 5 lbs in A Week

Burn is what i call my happy pill. I take it with my first meal and I am focused and alert rest of the day. No crash no jitters. Feel amazing and gives me the energy to get thru the day. I drive truck 8-12 hrs a day. So being alert and focused is a big win. Thanks Top Notch Nutrition!

John Adams Perkins

My Happy Pill

Keto magic has changed the way I diet! After drinking it I am able to get through a 15 hour fast and it gives me the energy to get through my crazy hectic day. Thanks to top notch nutrition for making this amazing product!

Shelby Lynn

Changed the way I diet!

I’m not sure how I was making it through the day without these products.Now I’m getting so much nutrition ( I don’t alway eat like I should) and my energy level is outstanding. I sleep so good and wake up looking forward to my TOP NOTCH NUTRITION PRODUCTS. I can’t wait to try the other products. I know they will be great as well. Since I have started Top Notch Nutrition Products, I have lost a total of 6 lbs and gained muscle mass. Just excellent stuff.🤗😍👏


Wake up looking forward to these products