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Yes, we’ve designed our products to work together so you can take them daily to help speed up your results. 

Keto Magic, Hydrate and Sleep all contain magnesium and too much can cause digestive issues. If you notice any irregularities in digestion decrease the servings per day or the dosage size.

We always recommend you consult a doctor or physician if you have any questions about whether a product will be safe for you to take.

Most of our supplements are designed to be taken 1-2 times per day as needed, but make sure to read the label for the exact instructions on dosage and how many servings per day is ideal for your goals. 

Each product is going to contain a different number of servings. If you look on the nutrition label at the top it will tell you exactly how many servings come in each bottle or container. A picture of the nutrition label can be found on each product page.

We do not offer samples, however we do offer a 100% money back guarantee on your first order. 

This is a one time purchase, and there will be no automatic monthly shipments.

We hope you love the products so much that you come back and order each month so we can help and support you on an ongoing basis when it comes to reaching your goals.

Our products can aid in fat loss, but creating a calorie deficit, and eating high quality foods is a requirement for healthy fat loss.

We can’t out supplement a poor diet. If your diet and lifestyle aren’t dialed in for fat loss we would actually recommend that you don’t buy any fat loss supplements as they won’t help.

Instead I’d recommend you read this article where it gives you the blueprint for starting a healthy fat loss plan:https://topnotchnutrition.com/blogs/live-top-notch-blog/6-keys-for-fat-loss