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✅ Reduce Stress & Anxiety.

✅ Increase Focus & Productivity.

✅ Get The Competitive Advantage.

✅ Improve Memory & Mental Clarity.

✅ Protect From Brain Aging.

Product Ingredients

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🧠Nootropic Complex

-High Potency.

-All Natural Ingredients.

How to Use

-Take 2 Pills Anytime of day for extreme focus & mental clarity! 

When to Use

-Anytime you really want to focus in & get things done! 

-Anytime you are dealing with brain fog or anxiety. 

-In the morning with your cup of coffee. This is our personal favorite! 

Top Notch Promise

✅All Product Ingredients Are Tested Twice for Harmful Chemicals, Heavy Metals & Pesticides Before Shipping to Our Warehouse.

✅GMP & FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility.

✅Nothing Artificial. Ever. 

🇺🇸Made in the USA.


Boost Brain Power*

Improve Memory & Focus*

Sustained Energy*

Combat Stress & Anxiety*

Who is MIND For?



Can Top Notch MIND be taken with Top Notch BURN?

Yes, we actually recommend you stack these together! Each one of these will only enhance the benefits of the other. Each of our supplements are designed so that you could take them all in the same day and feel amazing! 

What are the long term effects of MIND?

MIND is safe to take long-term, and it is meant to enhance your mind and defend against brain aging*. 

Why do I need MIND?

You should use MIND if you have brain fog, forgetfulness, you have adrenal fatigue, or, if you feel you are dependent on stimulants - such as caffeine. Also, MIND is great if you need to be focused or on top of your game for your job or career! It truly will give you an advantage! 

What's in the MIND supplement? 

Mind is a combination of a B-Complex and all-natural herbs & extracts. We have listed the ingredients in the image above. 

Will MIND cause issues with other medications?

No, MIND is made from all natural herbs, extracts & vitamins. If you are concerned you should consult your doctor. 

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    I recommend this product
    I really love your products

    I really love your products the greens has a good taste and it really gives me energy .I also love the relief it is good for inflammation and pain ,but I am having trouble sleeping so I took half scoop of greens mix hopefully it works

    Brooke O.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Lower anxiety

    I started taking MIND when my anxiety was still high but my nutrition was in check, I was still active, and non-medicinal ways of lowering anxiety (journaling, therapy, etc) weren't working well. Life has changed SO much in the past 3 years (moving cross country twice, new jobs, married) and my brain was having trouble keeping up!! Anyways, I started taking MIND and I can TRULY tell a difference. Many of the physiological signs of anxiety (heart rate climbing over simple issues, feeling nervous or dooms-day like if something goes wrong) have significantly decreased because my thoughts feel much clearer - maybe it's "in my head" lol but I feel since I am able to think clearer, I am able to reason through tough times better. Idk. It's been great. I feel like I can be a better human with it!

    Emily A.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Favorite product

    This product has changed my life! That may sound drastic but it truly has made the biggest difference. I’m a lash artist so the focus always has to be on. This not only helps me focus tremendously, it keeps my anxiety and stress at bay! I take it every day before work now and I will be repurchasing and repurchasing!

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    This is a great supplement that really helps me stay on task and focused. Better than just taking a B Complex. 10/10 Recommend!

    Michelle R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    MIND blown!

    I wont go a day without this product! I feel so much better cognitively, able to go off A.D.D medication from using this! I can sort out my chotic life! Thank you Top Notch for making only the best!